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LeafFilter Akron Gutter Guard

America's Best Rated Gutter Protection

LeafFilter™ Can Easily Be Installed On New Or Existing Gutters

Gutter Protection Installation

We can realign and adjust the current gutter system on your home as needed, then install hidden hangers for reinforcement of the LeafFilter™ gutter guard system. Depending on the needs of your home, LeafFilter™ also installs the nation’s No.1 gutter protection system with new gutters to ensure the best fit.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards are proudly made in the U.S.A. and installed with a manufacturer’s lifetime, No-Clog Guarantee. You can be assured nothing less than a lifetime of performance as the LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection stainless steel micro-filter keeps ALL debris out of your gutters.

LeafFilter™ has Zero Openings, Holes or Gaps

Shingle Roof Gutter Protection

The LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection system is installed with Zero Openings, Holes or Gaps, which means that absolutely nothing but water will ever get into a LeafFilter™-protected gutter.

Zero Openings means Zero Clogs. Like a lid on a box, LeafFilter™ is a completely closed system that covers the top of your gutters – allowing nothing but water to flow through the stainless steel micro-filter and into the gutter system.

LeafFilter™ Does Not Disturb Your Roof Or Shingles

Shingle Roof Gutter Guards

The LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection system install process does not disturb your roof or shingles. Only LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection offers a completely enclosed gutter guard system that ensures nothing but water will ever pass through the gutters on your home.

LeafFilter™ Patented Rigid Vinyl Body

Rigid Vinyl Roof Gutter Guard

The base of the LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection system is constructed of extruded virgin vinyl, which makes the base warp and fade resistant for a lifetime of protection against the elements. The step design of LeafFilter’s vinyl base gives the system unparalleled support while the ribs create a siphoning effect that pulls water into the gutter.