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What Is LeafFilter™?

What Is LeafFilter™?:

LeafFilter™ is the #1 consumer-rated gutter protection system available on the market today. No other system – whether a DIY product you can pick up at your local hardware store or another professionally-installed system – can match the quality of LeafFilter™.

LeafFilter™ gutter covers use the most effective debris-blocking and water-handling gutter screens in the history of the gutter protection industry! Absolutely nothing will adhere to our surgical grade stainless steel microfilter gutter guards. And, our patented microfilter will never rust or corrode.

Here at LeafFilter™, we believe quality is most important. That’s why we won’t install LeafFilter™ gutter guards on your home unless we’re 100% confident they will work 100% of the time.

LeafFilter consists of 4 main parts:

Micro-mesh-Screen_356x174LeafFilter™ utilizes a medical grade stainless steel micro mesh gutter guard.

The micro mesh will not rust or corrode and no organic material will grow on it or adhere to it. The holes on LeafFilter’s micro mesh gutter guard are 50 microns fine, so not even a grain of sand can get into your gutters … Only water gets in your gutters — GUARANTEED!

Patented-Rigid-Vinyl-Body_356x174The LeafFilter™ micro mesh screen is supported by a patented rigid vinyl frame. The LeafFilter™ frame is made out of uPVC, Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, or “Vinyl.”

uPVC is used in a wide variety of other high quality home exterior products, including: siding; windows, weatherboarding, doors, soffits; and fascia trim. uPVC is sun, fade and temperature change resistant.

Additionally LeafFilter™ contains a titanium dioxide that acts as a UV block or “sunscreen” and aids in color fastness by helping to reflect ultraviolet rays.

The use of uPVC is long proven as a versatile and long-lasting exterior home product. LeafFilter™ is no exception.

Center-I-Beam_356x174The center I-beam and internal brackets provide unparalleled strength against heavy loads and support the LeafFilter™ frame. We install these internal brackets every 18 inches to make sure the LeafFilter™ system is level and performing the way that it should.

Drip-Edge_356x174The subtle drip-edge on the front of LeafFilter™ helps keep the front of the gutter clean. Leaves, pine needles and other debris is diverted over the drip edge while water is pulled through the micro mesh screen into your gutters.

Why Choose LeafFilter™?

1) Installs on your existing gutters – Don’t buy new gutters and save thousands!

2) No holes, gaps or openings – We guarantee that only water will enter your gutters.

3) We do NOT void your roof warranty – Competitor products disturb your roof and shingles.

4) Gutter cleaning, sealing and realignment is included with every installation.

5) No bugs or pests – No bees, insects, squirrels or birds will nest in your gutters.

6) NO DOWN PAYMENT needed & NO PAYMENT DUE until LeafFilter™ is installed on your home.

7) 0% Financing available with payments as low as $10/month.

8) Senior and military discounts available.