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WKYC, Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, features LeafFilter Gutter Guards


LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection’s VP of Sales Chris Counahan stopped by the set of Live on Lakeside, a local morning show on Cleveland’s NBC affiliate WKYC. Chris talked with the hosts about gutter guards and the importance of clog-free gutters when doing either a spring or fall cleanup.

Topics also covered included LeafFilter’s ability to install on new or existing gutter systems, but a major difference between LeafFilter™ and other products out on the market today is the fact that LeafFilter™ won’t disturb your roof or shingles. Counahan also talked with Live on Lakeside hosts Hollie Strano and Michael Cardamone about the fact that a LeafFilter™ gutter guard installation creates a completely enclosed gutter protection system, which means that nothing but water will ever enter your gutters.

For the full video please visit LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection’s YouTube channel

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